24 April 2007

the only one more bored than the students

i'm a computer lab teacher today, hence the post. yay for jobs that let you do what you want (sometimes). i finally got over my cold, which was more of a cough. and, typically, yesterday chuck got a sore throat and started coughing today. so i guess he's going to be coughing for a week now like i was. :( bummer for him.

dance class was fun yesterday. we started east coast swing, and learned a turn in the foxtrot. i don't think we did anything with the waltz. we did get a practice CD with music for all 3 dances, so we can practice at home. hoo-ra. practice would help. we don't do too bad, surprisingly. those folk dance classes must have helped my coordination and gracefulness more than i thought because it's been easy to pick up steps. i almost feel like a good dancer. but most of all it's fun. we're lucky to have a big deck we can dance on, otherwise we wouldn't have enough space inside to dance.

i finished the mystery yarn socks. . . well except for grafting the toes. what can i say, it's not the funnest thing in the world, and i don't have to do it yet. i'm starting the foot on the second hedera sock. in the process of doing the heel, i realized why the heel on the first sock looked so short. because it was. i did half the number of heel rows i should have. duh. but of course the sock is done now, so the internal dilemma is whether or not to take out the whole beautifully finished foot (including grafted toes) to lengthen the heel, or to just leave it becuase, hey who's going to see the heel but me? the perfectionist side might win out, but then again the lazy side might. we'll have to see.

the sides and back for the fjörgyn sweater are all done, so i just have to bind off the shoulders together and i'll be ready for the hood. i'm so almost done with that sweater that it's killing me. if only it were smaller, i'd take it to school and be done with it already.

the snow is finally all gone from our backyard. it did leave a small, mosquito breeding pool in its place though. the first mosquitos are so big, it's like i forget from year to year how big they are. luckily they're also very slow, which means i can kill more of them. the smaller ones are faster. but back to the yard, obviously dwayne never raked leaves. we've got our rakes and we're working on plans for gardens and flowers and things. we bought crocus bulbs, a wonderful mass of them, that i had hoped to plant before spring so i could see them peeping out of the snow. that's one of my favorite memories from sweden, crocuses in spring. but alas, not only did dwayne never rake, he never put real grass or topsoil in. he scraped off the moss to (sort of) level out the yard but there's just loess open for weeds and rosehips, the nastiest spiny thorny plant around. i like the rosehips and the flowers, but not so much the spikes. i still have some in my work clothes from last year. so we're going to have to do a real make over before we get to our garden or flowers or herbs. *sigh* i found this fascinating book in anchorage last week called, lasagna gardening, where you layer natural materials and end up with good topsoil. sounds way better than the traditional way, and more like nature's way. i'm thinking of trying it, but besides waiting for the mosquito swamp to dry out, dwayne still has a huge truck he has to drive out through the back yard. it just wouldn't do to go through all the effort of fixing a garden spot to have it run over by dwayne later. so we're still waiting on that.

tonight the most important improvement to our house is finally being made. we're putting in our new hot water tank. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can finally wash my hair in hot water and maybe have enough warm water to shave my legs! i'm excited. nothing can be better than a hot shower.

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