01 January 2008

pure bliss

there's so many good things about going back east.

almost always the very first one i think of is this

my car. in alaska, i drive a jeep. i'm happy with it, it does what it should and is good for camping trips too. but it's not "my car." just driving it makes me smile. a 74 pontiac catalina, it's got rear wheel drive, super light steering, class and a V8 engine. vroom vroom. one of these days we'll drive it up to alaska and keep me smiling year round.

then there's real grinders. not the subway kind you could make at home if you weren't too lazy to, but real 12 (or 16) inch ones with choices like eggplant parmesan, italian sausage, meatball. . . .mmmm. we had some but they disappeared way too fast to take pics.

along with the real italian food iscannoliscannolis. adam got some for new year's. i'm surprised any lasted till today.

although i don't spend as much time with it as i'd like, i'm always glad to see my piano again.i don't play as well as i used to (since i play much less often), but pulling music from the keys wraps a spell around me. like i'm in a world of my own where things become crystal clear. sometimes when no one else is home, i play and listen to the music and the silence, and feel as if i were praying. and hearing the answers better.

last, but definitely not least, is thissnow from ma's porchreal snow. the kind you scoop up and it's already a snowball in your hands. snow that accumulates 3 inches in a couple hours overnight, not over 3 days. i love it. there should be more of it.


Top Hat said...

I think it's funny that none of the hymnals face the same way!
Happy New Year!

sheila said...

Looking back on it now, did you ever really think that going home would be so much fun? lol

The pictures are great too!
Happy 2008!

aksunflour said...

Umm.. what are grinders?

Wow the snow is so peaceful. Guess what it is snowing here! Lots of big flakes- I got to drive in almost white out conditions tonight.

Enjoy the East.

Amy said...

Ah, there's nothing like a good hot sub sandwich. Subway doesn't even come close. And the car is nice. I sometimes like to not feel the road. My parallel parking skills have bitten the dust since I went out to the 'burbs, though :(