03 February 2008

go patriots

yeah, i know. they lost. which was not that surprising. disappointing, but not surprising. any good patriots fan knows their mercurial character, how they flame up and burn out at the most inconvenient moment. if there was any good time for them to lose a game, it would be at the end of an awesome season 18-0, at the superbowl.


at least i don't have any cocky statements to live down. a win sure would have been nice.

but you know?

they're still my team.

so go patriots.

ETA: check here for an awesome description of the red sox/patriot fan mentality. she nails it right on the head.

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TopHat said...

We saw the last quarter. The Giants did put up a good fight. I don't know enough about either team to really argue one way or the other, though. We're pretty football illiterate here.