03 March 2008

happy anniversary to us!

and happy birthday to sara! (not that she ever looks at this, but she is my sister and all)

since we got married two years ago, we've been struggling to pay off debts from chuck's previous marriage. slowly, and very agonizingly, we've been making progress, enough that the last few months we started thinking we might actually pay it all off some day. so for our anniversary we decided that rather than buy each other presents, we would do something together and give the checkbook a rest (i'm not sure that actually worked, but that's totally ok).

so today we both took the day off, and slept in. chuck crept out at 8 (cuz despite my best efforts, he has not learned to keep his eyes shut much later than that) and got me theseanniversary flowersso pretty, so pretty.

chuck made us breakfast, then we headed out for chena hot springs. we figured out that the last time we were there was almost two years ago when sara was up for the summer. then we tried to figure out how to get our very own hot springs in our back yard because they are the most amazing thing ever. turns you right into a limp noodle and you couldn't be un-relaxed if you tried.

the coolest thing was seeing the temperature contrast: steaming water next to frost-covered rocks and trees.after the hot springs (and showers to rid ourselves of the wonderful sulpher perfume), we went to the turtle club for dinner. that's the best steak restaurant in the world i think. and that coming from a non-steak person (i hardly ever eat it on purpose). chuck could eat it every day though. you've heard of steaks that melt in your mouth? i think the turtle club was the origin of that phrase. they are, however, a bit spendy (even for fairbanks) so it was a special treat to go there.

we also got the coolest surprise of the day there. we're waiting for the check when the waitress walks over with 2 cakes, which she lights and gives one to our neighbors - and one to us! when we came into the restaurant, chuck was on the phone with his son and mentioned it was our anniversary. the hostess picked up on it and sent us a "turtle cake."cool huh? now that's customer service. a great ending to a wonderful, relaxing day. spending the day together was the perfect gift to each other.


TopHat said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a nice, relaxing day!

aksunflour said...

Happy Anniversary!

Chena is a great place to go! And it is good to escape once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Yay, congratulations! Sounds steamy, ha, ha (and she slinks away in shame at dreadful puns).