22 June 2008

one of the best things about alaska.......

my backyard at 12-something or other last night/early this morningsolstice yardah, solstice. you gotta love it. no flash either (the flash actually made it look darker than it was - weird, huh).

sunrise: 3.00 amalmost solstice sunsetsunset: 00.43 am (the next day)

fairbanks has a solstice festival downtown, which is ok, but i have to say swedish midsommar celebrations knock it out of the park.

speaking of which, here's a cool shot (my sister took) from 2 years ago when we actually went to the midnight sun baseball game (and a ball got knocked out of the park and chuck ran and wrestled a fence for it, then had to wrestle a little kid to keep it, but we won't go there).2006 midnightsun gamethe sun just sat on the horizon and never really went below it.

cool, huh?


Carole Knits said...

It's very cool. Does it screw up your sleep, though?

TopHat said...

I was thinking about my Alaskan friends on the solstice. I hope I can be in Alaska one day for that!

Roxie said...

Is it worth the long black winters?