03 December 2008

the other day someone mentioned stumbleupon in a blog post. being a bit bored (coughatworkcough) i checked it out and started wandering through random websites. it's very good for when you've read all the blog updates and just need a break for a few seconds.

yesterday, it turned up a website where i could get my very own hobbit name. what the heck. it had fields for first and last name, so for fun i did my maiden name first and then my married name. i got this:

Prisca Moss of Lake-By-Downs (which sounded faintly and pleasantly british due to the place name)


Prisca Chubb of Deephollow
(which sounds rather as if someone on that site knows a bit too much about the state of my waistline since i got married)

chuck laughed a good ten minutes or so over that.

(although i just tried his name, and he's Meriadoc Chubb of Deephollow. so at least we know the last name is his fault. nothing to do with my dress size. now if only i'd known marrying him would turn me into a chubb.......)

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