10 May 2011

i am nujood, age 10 and divorced by nujood ali

this book caught my eye on the fancy updates our library sends out now. very simple and descriptive prose makes for fast reading. the confusion of a 10-yr-old thrust into marriage with no idea what that entails comes through clearly. an insider's picture of life in yemen is marred by violence against women, which is rarely acknowledged and more rarely discussed. i expected some legal drama perhaps. instead, the book is told entirely from nujood's perspective and based on her limited knowledge which only increases its impact. for me, this book touches on the right of any person to make their own choices much more than a western vs. eastern theme. and yet i can't help wondering what men (anyone) are really thinking when they follow destructive traditions.

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Sverige said...

This book was a very good read and empowering of this brave little girl. I think that this would be a great read for pre-teen/teen girls to read. Teaching girls that they should stand up for what they believe in.
I enjoy little Nujood story and foun it to be very touching. To think that things like this happen out there