07 March 2008

your voice sounds like hers, but your phone doesn't

the other day i was driving home when the phone rang with a number i didn't recognize. i thought maybe it was chuck on a different bank phone (why i don't know) so i picked it up. the voice on the other end wasn't quite chuck's, but then the combination of highway white noise, my music, and a little static might have been responsible for that. i mean, i don't want to say i don't know my own husband's voice, right? and the voice assumed i knew him, and even had a slight southern edge to it like chuck's does sometimes.

so i played along, looking for clues to verify if it was chuck or not. the voice was talking about a clinton-obama debate (and i'm thinking why would chuck call for that? he talks big about voting, but really he's just as politically apathetic as i am). but then he says he has to study for a test, and that was the clincher. so i asked who he meant to call, and after we figured out what he dialed wrong, he said

"your voice sounds like hers, but your phone doesn't"

you suppose it was the static or the tupac playing in the background that didn't sound like hers?

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Tanya Sio said...

That's funny...:)