30 April 2008

making babies

not me, silly!

someone at church did though, one of the few couples who can look past the surface disparities and see me and chuck as people. we like them so i made a couple small things for their new girl.although the color would suit a boy as well, if they had another. it didn't hurt that i had an extra ball of baby ull dying to be made into something. for someone else obviously, since firetruck red's not my color.

the vine lace hat used maybe half a skein, and took only a couple hours. it looked so small i was afraid it wouldn't fit, but it does!the magic slippers looked even tinier, but were actually a bit loose on the girl! and they are perfect for using up sock leftovers (exactly as claimed by the pattern) except i didn't have any other superwash leftovers.so they ended up with a matching set. and i've still got a half a skein to use on something....maybe a baby shedir hat. that way i make a pattern i've been wanting to (but smaller and faster), and have a random baby gift on hand!


Carole Knits said...

I love that hat! So cute!

aksunflour said...

oh how cute!
Our snow is almost gone... just waiting to see if there are anymore surprise snows.

TopHat said...

I've made those slippers- they are the greatest!

Roxie said...

So adorable! It always amazes me how very, very tiny baby feet are!