11 August 2008

who you gonna call

we always had a tongue-in-cheek joke back home that had a lot of truth in it:

if you need a cop, don't call 911, call dunkin donuts.

we couldn't resist this photo op on our massachusetts tripthe best (worst?) part was there were actually 3 police cars lined up there, but one drove off in the time it took us to turn around for the picture.

so if you've got dunkin donuts in your area, remember who to call if you need help.


TopHat said...

HAHAHA! That's great!

Queen Goob said...


aksunflour said...

LOL! Was wondering where in Fairbanks there was a Dunkin Donuts. Thanks for the trip back East.

noble pig said...

Why do they love donuts so much?

sheila said...

Too funny! Believe it or not, my brother is a Chicago cop and he hates donuts. I guess I will have to look for his squad at Whole Foods!

Quick ?...since you are from Alaska, what is your take on Palin? I just can't seem to get a clear read on her and I thought you might have some info since she is your gov.

(I don't mean to get political, just curious!)

Amy said...

I wish I could get a picture like that. The closest I've gotten was a bunch of 'burb cops in front of the BP trading war stories. Even though there's turf to patrol, everyone needs a break I guess.

It was like kids standing in front of the convenience store, but bigger and packing heat.

Thank you for commenting about the new job. I think it won't be as bad as I think it could be. I'm notorious for looking at the glass as half empty. Maybe if the summer hadn't turned out the way it did, ya know... :/

Amy said...

Oh, about the hankie...you can get them with the holes already put in. I got mine at a Hobby Lobby for a reason I've completely forgotten. I made a hankie long time ago where I actually pierced the fabric to attach the edge as I worked, but my spacing wasn't all that even.

The old fashioned way was to get a piece of cloth, pull out threads at the edges, hem all the way around and work the edging into the part you thinned out. I not enough of a handkerchief fan to do all of that right now :)