13 July 2007

2 days in a row!!!

some dreams do come true...........if only once :)

so yesterday around 3.30 the sun starts peeking through, and has the temp up to 73 by 5 (the sun makes all the difference up here). so me and chuck plan on going biking after dinner - he passed up the bike ride/picnic i offered him. which turned out to be a good thing, as it clouded up and started pouring right as we finished dinner :( so that was that.

we stayed home and watched a random movie, girl with a pearl earring. i wouldn't recommend it. random sort of plot that didn't seem to resolve any of the conflict it brought up. at least it was short.

this morning started out all cloudy and cold again, but the sun's coming out again and it's clearing up. good thing cuz i'm riding to meet chuck for lunch.......and have to leave soon.

i did finish the I-cord for a project yesterday, so it's all done. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i got hung up on the cool blogging thing, trying to figure out how to do stuff, so the knitting got kind of ignored. it'll get some attention today though - probably outside if the sun stays out. it'll be a designing frenzy. more or less. if i can distract myself from the lure of sweaters i want to knit and not let the misery of the math distract me. since i have an idea of what i want to knit, and the stitch patterns, but not the yarn, it should be a bit tricky and therefore more interesting. i hope.

strange how short the posts are if you do them more often ;)

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