22 July 2007

a moose a canoe and some very small rocks

well, our ideas of garden invincibility came crashing down last week when a moose discovered our garden and stomped on my zucchini, ate half the lettuce and stripped our pepper plants they had so many small peppers starting, and tons of blooms. now we're down to two peppers the moose missed somehow, and a few straggly leaves. *sigh* so yesterday we bought a fence and guess what we're doing for FHE tomorrow? other than that the garden's doing fine, still getting cherry tomatoes. those yellow ones are sweet, we really like them.

i got called in to work on wednesday, and while grateful for the hours, was bored out of my skull. i'm not sure if it beats out factory work or not. i typed up some photo logs, copied a book for their library (and isn't that like a violation of copyright or something? whatever, i just work here), and now i'm analyzing some lithics. all of a sudden i'm very very grateful i didn't pick lithics at field school, cuz they are so boring. 8 hours in a small hot room, looking at little flakes (although they're not microscopic thank goodness). i'd much rather be in the field. but i'd rather get paid to look at those small flakes than sit at home getting antsy and bored.

chuck hooked us up with a fishing trip wednesday night, rather unexpectedly. he meets all kinds of people at the bank, and of course they all like him cuz he has the gift of gab. they always promise him fishing trips and stuff, but this guy just wanted an excuse to take his boat out. so we went out on the chena river, looking for king salmon. we saw some heads on the shore, so someone caught a couple, but we didn't see anything but grayling the whole night. it was gorgeous though, sun shining, beautiful clear water (lots of rivers here can be silty and yucky kakas) and Bill was a nice guy too. so that was fun.

then last night our ward had a canoe trip down a slough (pronounced slew, and i still haven't figured out if it's man made or natual and why you'd call it a slough instead of a creek cuz that's really all it is). it was awesome. nice weather again, beautiful water, lots of fishys, and underwater flowers blooming. we even came across a moose feeding in the slough, a couple canoes got past her before she spooked and decided to run for it. that was cool to come so close. moose are so awkward looking but man can they move fast! so now chuck and i are wanting to get our own canoe but i'm sure the checkbook won't let us do that either. it's so bossy sometimes. at least i sneaked that yarn for chuck's sweater by it ;) oh, and it was lots of fun to get to know people and chill with them. being in outer darkness, i mean primary, i don't get to interact much with anyone at church and it's fun when i get to.

i started the silk cami too. added an extra inch and figured out the lace so it only shifted by one stitch. i actually did a swatch of the 1 vs 2 stitch shift, and the 1 stitch shift looks way better. so that's started. the irish moss yarn hasn't come yet *sigh* and what's up with the usps having tracking numbers and never updating them? it's like teasing, come see where your package is, but we'll still show it in ohio until after you've already got it. augh. but it's ok. less knitting time now that i'm working again, but it's not as hopeless as the 12 hour days.

and this week i have some herb/garden books to read. since i'm starting to harvest some of the herbs i want to decide which i'm making vinegars and oils with. it's exciting and fun to try new stuff like that. i've been converted to deadheading by the way. it really works. our jacob's ladder is blooming again, and the salvia. yay!!

we took my bike in to the bike shop, and they siad the pedal coming off is a common problem in lower end bikes. ouch. did he just say we bought a cheap bike? cuz i could swear we padi over $300 for them on sale. apparently it's the kind of crank they use, and over $500 they just don't have that problem. they'll warranty fix it, so it's free but only once. if we tighten it every month it should be ok. too bad they didn't tell us that when we bought them eh? the guy said all it really meant was i had been riding it. ha ha, chuck's isn't coming off yet. what's that tell you about how often he rides?

i've got garden pics to post, and maybe some of kennecott. you'll have to look and see what i've got, cuz i sure don't remember. but for those of you who complained, there are some with us in them this time ;)

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