16 July 2007

det helige skriftet

sunday night our home teacher came to visit with his wife. they're really cool. probably about chuck's age, but they just talk to us like we're people. so many people seem to have mental blocks for certain groups, like married, single, married w/kids, old farts etc. chuck and i are between most of those groups, so it's nice to run into people who don't care. but anyway, pam has Norwegian roots which we've talked about since i'm so into sweden. she brought over a family bible, printed 1890. old norwegian is about as fun as old swedish. it was cool just to look at it. there's these random scraps of a norwegian newspaper in minnesota, from the language around 1890 too. it's cool just to read old stuff like that.

and at church a lady introduced herself, a new move-in, and she's an anthropologist. so we had a short conversation before i had to go to outer darkness, i mean primary. hopefully we can talk more sometime, it's fun to have another anthro geek to discuss society with.

today i've been in the yard a bit harvesting some herbs and deadheading flowers. it really does help them to bloom longer! who knew. the chamomile was so top heavy it was trying to lie on the ground, but now it's standing up again. and i have flowers for tea! i'm not very fond of chamomile tea alone, but it should make a good add in. there's only the one plant but if it keeps blooming like it is, i should have plenty to last until next summer. of course i'm hedging my bets with most of the herb plants and bringing at least one of them in for the winter, but it would be nice if some of them survived. about half of our flowers should come back next year, and i'm planning on stealing some iris next spring from the roadside for our beds.

i've got an overdue library book to read this afternoon, and some plant ones. i want to be able to save seed from the plants we have for next year. why buy them if i can keep them? the borage has so many blooms (which tasted ok in salad btw) that we should have lots of them coming up next year. self seeding is the preferred method for us lazy gardeners.

my bike needs a check up too. i've had it over a year but the last 2 times i rode it, the pedal has been coming off. somehow it started binding against the nut holding it to the frame, cuz it loosens as i ride, to the point of falling off. so i'm going to take it apart and clean it and see if that helps; if not, it's going back to the bike shop for their expertise - it's free since we bought it there.

last night we took out the busted dishwasher. yay! now we have undercounter storage space for juice, potatoes etc. i'm glad we can do small things like that without it costing lots of money. now if only we can put in those last 2 closet door handles we have.....

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