09 August 2007

warning for dangerous side effects


caused by: overdose of and/or addiction to The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud (The Magic Circle and The Circle Opens by Tamora Pierce are close behind with similar side effects)

the library should definitely warn you about these dangerous items out on the market, but since they're not, i, as a responsible citizen, am taking it upon myself to do so.

back to normal heather mode: those bartimaeus books are awful (addicting). the main character is a dumb kid (nathaniel) totally brainwashed by government propoganda and social expectations for wizards. he shows glimmers of a normal person with feelings every once in a while, but always falls back to wizard standards. so we don't read the book for him, except for hoping he'll come to his senses one day. the djinni he summons to do his dirty work is entertaining, with more morals than nathaniel. and a smart chick heading some resistence against the 1984-ish magician government, is equally interesting. but i'm really not sure what the addicting substance is in the whole story line. i finished The Golem's Eye (book 2) yesterday. stroud uses the usual tv-style writing, flashing back and forth between 2 seperate scenes/chains of events to keep the suspense up. plenty of books do that nowadays, and i can walk away from them. something about these books just grabs me though. and my house is dusty. i've stayed up late. read instead of gardening, knitting, emailing, blogging, watching a movie with chuck. it's bad.

now that i've finished book 2, you might wonder, what about book 3? i have it. it's sitting on the fireplace. and i ignored it - and picked up Magic Steps, the next Circle Opens book. at least they're only 300 pages or so. i only read 100 of them last night.

oh and PS i got a pet. Chris'll like it. another dangerous side effect for the list today, the dangers of looking at cool stuff on other people's blogs

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