23 August 2007

good-bye sulfur sprites

when we looked at our house before buying it, the owners dwayne and daphne assured us the water was very good and tasty. maybe with a little iron but not so you’d notice. they said. well, we noticed pretty quick that drinking that water made us thirsty, and it smelled like the hot springs. not that i mind it at the hot springs, but who wants to take a sulfur shower? and the toilet has a permanent brown stain from the rust. honest. we do clean it, you just can't tell. so we put in a charcoal sediment filter, that we change every month, and it’s done a good job getting rid of the smell. until now. at the fair we ran into the water purifier people – we signed up for a free water test in the winter sometime and never heard from them. so we made an appointment for a test, and i swear the sulfur sprites heard about it because chuck changed out the filter and somehow they snuck through it. we had sulfur smell worse than the hot springs.

so we got 3 water tests within 3 days, and got a water purification system set up by the end of the week. the water actually felt lighter somehow. and my skin’s not so dry. and the sulfur sprites are gone. yay!

the only bummer was that somehow the pressure in the kitchen faucet went from awesome to a trickle. the plumber had no clue why, and chuck cleaned out the faucet and the pipes to no avail. alas. so the domino effect of fixing house is still alive and well. so on top of the filter we had to buy a new faucet. we knew that was coming, but i know the checkbook wasn’t planning on it for a long while.

and while we’re talking about unplanned home improvement, let’s talk about the refrigerator. 30 year old original Kenmore that came with the house. daphne warned us that it had to be manually defrosted. she didn’t warn us that it didn’t freeze anything. took a month to realize that one. luckily we didn't lose any ice cream to it. then i would have been mad. so we don’t use the freezer. then last week we found our milk turning to cheese. so now we have a new fridge. and it’s a nice one. we’d already looked at them ages ago, and picked the one we wanted, so it was fairly simple to go get it. the checkbook complained, but who listens to him anyway? it’s kind of weird having cold drinks again, that mist up on the outside. and ice cubes frozen within hours. we don’t have to walk to the garage anymore to get ice cream (from the chest freezer). i kind of like it. plus we can make ice cubes now, which means we can do homemade ice cream again.........yum!

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