31 August 2007

chocolate face

stepbrat seth has his first birthday today, but the party was yesterday.
seth's a pretty calm guy, likes to check things out before he jumps in. so when his mom gave him his piece of cake, he just kind of stared at it.
then he put his hand in, and squished a bit. and got the best ever EWW WHAT IS ON MY HAND look. wish we had caught it on chip. seth was totally grossed out by this sticky mess on his hands. but after a while he got the idea (once he tasted it out and figured out it was yummy no matter how sticky) and went all for it.
he was slowing down when his dad started cleaning him up, but once he figured out the cake was going away, seth made frantic grasps to cram what he could in his mouth before it was gone. we were entertained.

seth didn't quite get how to unwrap the presents, but nobody cared. all the other kids got to open his gifts for him. i was very proud of what me and chuck picked out. i made sure it made noise and moved and was in general very obnoxious. we got a chicken truck that made cackling noises and drives itself (if it falls on its side so it can't drive, it sounds like a chicken about to die - very funny). all the kids loved it. they wouldn't stop playing with it, and i could tell we were 10 out of 10 for obnoxious because after about 15-20 min, even i didn't want to hear the dumb thing anymore. his parents will love us forever. hehehe.

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