21 August 2007


the last 2 weekends we've been babysitting grandkids. cuz their mom's a pothead and doesn't get a sitter. but that's beside the point. the first weekend we went down to delta (on business to meet a possible renter who didn't show up. we didn't appreciate it), and went hiking around the bottom of donnelly dome looking for blueberries. didn't find any but there's loads of lingon (lowbush cranberry) that we'll go back for after a frost.

pretty, isn't it?
then last weekend we bored the kids to death running errands with them. couldn't help it since it was last minute. in the store, we were talking about their dad and issac said something about me being a stepmom to his dad. so chuck said, do you know that makes you? her stepbrats :D it was the best joke i ever heard him make i think. isaac of course did a good jeremiah kind of angry face, trying not to laugh but even he knew it was funny. so stepbrats it is. even if they are kind of cute.

can you tell he's been eating chocolate?

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