26 August 2007

traitor leaves

do you see the yellow leaves in there? they've been there a week or so
now. traitors. it's getting cold at night, in the 40s. yuck. and it's dark outside when i go to bed. before i go to bed even. woe is me. summer is ending.

we're still hoping to get some stuff out of our garden though. the plants are huge. yesterday we stopped by a neighbor's garden while he was in it. it's a big garden on the side of the road, we'd admired it and wondered what the huge flowers in it were. so we talked for 45 minutes or so, and ended up with all kinds of goodies from him. we asked what the flowers were. they're poppies, with edible seeds (poppy muffins you know) and he gave us 10 seed heads or so to plant in our yard. they self seed and his have been there for 10+ years. i did save some of the seeds for muffins though. we asked him about his carrots, and next thing you knew we had 5 of them to try. sweetest carrots we'll ever try, he promised. asked how big his potatoes get, and he pulled out a big one for us. chuck mentioned i was growing herbs, and he gave us a bag full of parsley. also got a small head of cauliflower, a kohlrabi to try and a taste of his strawberries. we got quite a haul.
more than we got at farmer's market, and that cost us. it's cool to have friendly neighbors.
we did get a squash out of the garden last week, our first one. chuck laughed at me, but i couldn't resist taking a pic of it.and this is what i made with itchuck laughed at me even more for taking this one. i got squash, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and garlic in there. it was yummy. chuck didn't eat any. he missed out.

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