20 August 2007

there is light at the end of the sunbeam tunnel

last sunday the counselor guy said they were releasing me as sunbeam teacher. bummer :D it feels like i’ve been in there forever, though it’s only been maybe 6 months. not too long after we moved into the ward. now i’m free! sort of. my new calling is sunday school teacher for 16-17 year olds. not bad. i don’t know any of them so well have to see. chuck’s being released as gospel doctrine teacher after about a month, and being called as the employment specialist. sounds like loads of fun. he already got to go to some ultra boring classes for it. but this whole calling thing has given me something else to like about military wards: when they say they’re going to do something, by golly they do it. this sunday they took care of everything and i’ll be teaching the teenagers next sunday. whew.

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