02 December 2008

i'm not dead yet - honest!

somehow my life this year was thrown for a loop, and not for any good reason really. but my life balance is definitely off. i feel like i've finally caught up on almost everything after working here and there and traveling this summer. now i'm just trying to stay caught up with dishes and laundry and bills and emails and fun and work, and i wouldn't claim to be very successful at that just yet. the small things are what pile up most (and then take ages to go through), so i try to take care of them as soon as i notice them. that helps. a lot.

my brain has calmed down enough that i'm writing blog posts in my head again (and wouldn't it be so cool to have an internet connection in my head, so i could visualize it all and post it without having to actually sit at a computer and type - but then who would get any sleep with the internet right there? and i can picture conversations with blank eyed people: are you online again while i'm talking to you? no, mom honest.). which means that i'm trying to squeeze that back in too. i've got stories of weddings (well, only one really) and beaches and snow and family and knitting and replacing ghetto house stuff and you know, life. with pictures even! i'm thinking blogging is like those small things: if i just do a little at a time (and maybe try to go on a little less) i'll get posts up more often.

sounds good anyway.


Carole Knits said...

Welcome back. I'm looking forward to your catch up posts.

Tanya Sio said...

Yeah! Finally! You need to call me sometime.

Kate said...

Nice to see you blogging again. :-) I have just pinched that Christmas tree widget, BTW. It's sitting in my blog sidebar reminding me how much I have left to do..! ;-)