12 October 2007


so today i was a health teacher, and got to knit show a movie all day. i don't know about you but i have very vague memories of health class, involving a little about vitamins, this guy asking how to not get pregnant (which let everyone knew he was sleeping with his girlfriend) and the movie of the lady giving birth.

guess what movie i showed today?

the fetal development/birth one. i felt so sorry for those kids (grades 7 & 8 - at least i was in 10th when i had to see it). lucky for me, the desk was facing the class on the same side as the tv, so i didn't actually have to see it again. *whew* every class went exactly the same. a little reaction when they talk about conception and show the sperm squiggling around, and maybe a little about the developing baby. the movie goes through the development by week, and ends with a little bit on labor. then the voice stops talking, and you can hear, from the baby's perspective, the mom breathing harder in labor. i don't think the kids noticed. cuz all of a sudden the baby literally pops out (and i'm studiously not looking and remembering 10th grade) and across the classroom everyone shuts up and has the most grossed out expressions you can imagine.

it was great.

one of the kids said he thought they should wait till they're older to show it. but i told him i didn't think the age difference helps any, cuz i didn't even want to see it. after the movie, all the girls were saying "i'm never having kids." maybe that's why they show them that movie.

anyway, while they were being grossed out, i finished a broadripple sock. whoo-hoo! guess i'm not such a slow knitter. it was just barely past the toe when i started the day. i'll post a pic of it once i take it.

i even had time left over before school finished, so i went over my clessidra. i was hesitating over the ankle because it looked enormous. comparing it to the finished broadripple (which fit like a glove) it looked even worse. so i tried it on and measured and figured that it was probably an inch too wide. so i frogged back to where the side cables join, and i'll reduce them down to the one cable. that ought to fix it. they fit ok when i tried them on, but i didn't want any extra material rubbing my feet in shoes.

i'm excited now to cast on the other broadripple. this socktoberfest thing is fun!

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Top Hat said...

I substitute taught a health class this year before I got my current job. It was interesting. It was the second day of class and they just discovered the sex ed portion of the book. "Mrs. --------? What's this?" And then they point to some random part. At least it was the pelvic bone and I had no problem answering that question :)