09 October 2007

larry curly and moe

so last friday i get a job at the high school, where i have to be at the ungodly hour of 7 am. the kids are ok, but it's the most boringest job ever, because they just have a chapter review assignment. that means i'm just crowd control, which isn't too hard in high school cuz they know if they don't cross the line i'll leave em alone to do almost whatever they want.

i finished reading the wishsong of shannara, started another book, and knit clessidra for a couple hours. i even visited the library and checked out some books (lucky for me all the school libraries are connected to the city library system - they have more paperbacks). after school, i have to stay for a half hour. once the kids leave, i check my cell phone to find a text from chuck

do you like parakeets?

for some reason, this gives me a bad feeling. especially since he sent it an hour and a half earlier. so i reply with, dunno. why?

while i wait for chuck's answer, i think about it some. birds look pretty, but anytime i've been to someone's house that has birds, they don't ever shut up (the birds, i mean) and they're kinda messy. so i don't think i'd want them for pets.

then chuck answers me: yes.

what the freak is that supposed to mean? why - yes. they don't really go together. he calls me up, and the long and the short of it is, some jamoke walked into the bank saying they had 3 parakeets they had to give away. and chuck took them. they're pretty. they're messy. and they're noisy. but not all the time, and chuck cleans up the mess. so it's ok.
chuck named them after the 3 stooges. cute huh. not quite as good as the last present he gave me. he was afraid that i would either a) kill him or b) kill the birds. i haven't done either yet. lucky for him, eh.
here from left to right you have curly, moe and larry. blame chuck for the blurry pics.

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Tanya Sio said...

How funny. :) I'm not sure how Andy would react if I came home with a cat...we have a fish right now and that's good enough for him. :)