28 September 2007

open mouth insert foot....and get a present

it doesn't usually work that way does it?

chuck went out of town to a little place called galena. it's west of fairbanks, which means there aren't any roads going out there. yeah, most of the state is actually like that. so anyway, he left thursday afternoon and got back tonight. i was happy to have him back.

i had asked him out on a date before he left (we make a half-hearted attempt to have a date night every week). so we went out to dinner at the cookie jar, a good home-style food place. they just also happen to sell yummy chocolate confections, which you're always too stuffed to want to buy after dinner. anyway, while i'm paying (cuz i asked him out - although he had the cash so i took it from him to pay the cashier - lol) chuck's looking at these little chocolate bars that say thank you. and he says,

"these are cool, i'll buy them for the tellers."

because he's the VIP bank manager and can do stuff like that. in fact he does it all the time. we're out somewhere and see something really cool, and he says "oh, i'll get them for the tellers." not for me, his good wifey, standing there with him, saying how cool they are. no. he gets them for the tellers (it's cool he gets them stuff, but why do i get dissed? i'm the wifey here). so, mostly joking, i tell him all that, dramatic hand gestures included (i think i did a good job - cept i can never keep from laughing at the end of a fake tirade).

and he just gets this look, and i have the feeling he's got a really good answer for me for a change. he says,

"oh yeah? i never get you anything?"

and goes to the back of the jeep, digs in his suitcase and pulls out a paper bag with a box in it. by now i'm really laughing, cuz it was all a joke anyway, but he's got me. he got me this:

wasn't that sweet of him? it's officially a porridge pot (sounds all goldiloks and the 3 bears doesn't it?). i love the old school porcelain look of it, with the painting that actually is ugly if you look at it alone, but somehow is cool with the whole old school feel of the design. chuck said he wasn't sure how to give it to me, but since i was teasing him about not buying me anything, it gave him a good lead in.

so sometimes putting your foot in your mouth can earn you a present :)

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