01 September 2007

the last blooms of summer

as if those few traitor leaves weren't enough, they've been joined by more. all the green is slowly dulling to brown. there's a hint of cold in the air, though the sun's still warm. fall in alaska. it should be over in a couple weeks. i miss the maple leaves, with their brilliant reds and oranges. fall is the only time i like those colors. and only on the trees ;)

the coming chill has me thinking about sock knitting again. and those two pairs i totally jacked up and have to start over. *sigh* my dream is to have enough handknitted socks for a whole week, plus one to wear on wash day. 8 pair. doesn't sound too hard..........if i only knit one project at a time maybe. plus i'm wanting a few pair of knee socks to wear to church, since i never disgrace myself by wearing the abominable nylons. the only thing keeping me from my sock dreams is that silk cami. i promised myself to finish that before i start anything else. why do i do that to myself? oh yeah, so i won't have 5 projects going at the same time.

i just finished cold fire, and am going to be a good wifey and balance the checkbook, pay bills, start laundry and do dishes before heading outside to pick a couple zucchini. yay!! although now we run into the problem of what to do with loads of zucchini if chuck won't eat them. hmmm.......maybe send him out for burgers while i have stirfry! that might make both of us happy.

i might wander through our woods a bit too. night temps have been in the low 40s, and once the frost hits i can go gather rosehips. there's loads of them in the woods but i thought i'd scout out the best spots. it's a good excuse anyway. and once chuck gets home we might actually cut firewood. we want to use our fireplace this winter (it's getting cleaned in a couple weeks) but that'll be hard to do without firewood. another thing i have to do before we get an actual frost is transplant some of my herbys into pots. night before last was cold in our bedroom (all freaking night) so last night we put the winter blanket on. i love my IKEA blanket! it was bloody cold when i got up, and when i checked our thermostat the temp was at the very bottom where the numbers don't even go. so i turned it up to 60. made a huge difference.

but anyway. talking about winter preps doesn't exactly go with my title does it? well, i have some pretty pics of our morning glorys that finally bloomed and my lovely minirose chuck bought me last summer. it has the prettiest mixed colors on its blossoms. since it comes inside for winter, it blooms rather erratically, and it always makes me happy to see it blossoming.

wasn't that a lucky shot with the bee? enjoy!

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