23 September 2007

my new favorite way to waste time online

ravelry. not the real ravelry, yet. because i'm still waiting in line. but. the line is moving forward in leaps and bounds now! after weeks of checking and seeing 9000+ people ahead of me (i'm #20991) they have their new servers in and are adding people by the hundreds! it's my new compulsion when i open my browser. i head over to ravelry.com/antsy (very very aptly named because i am so so soo antsy now) and watch with glee as the numbers go down. there's only 4200 some-odd people ahead of me now. and 14000+ behind. that number is going up still, although slowly. i wonder if they'll ever get through the waiting list to open up to the public. will there be any public left then?

chuck noticed i was checking that page and asked what it was all about. i tried to explain the wonder, the brilliant genius of ravelry, everything in one spot. i showed him the screenshots. he wasn't impressed. he thinks i'm crazy. wait til i get in. then he'll see crazy

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