10 September 2007


my waiting number at ravelry has finally passed the halfway mark, as in there's more people behind me than in front of me. whoo-hoo! of course, the number in front of me is in the 9000s, but it's ok. the numbers are still going down.

our lovely fall weather has it raining yellow birch leaves today instead of rain (we got that the last 2-3 days). and last tuesday there was a sudden downpour in the evening, with some nice high winds. then chuck looked out the window and saw this:
it was a live one too!

on chuck's day off last week we went to the yarn store. got some knee sock yarn for me. i was really wanting some dark grey/charcoal yarn, and it was REALLY hard to find. go figure. i mean, it's hard to find solid colors anyway in sock yarn cuz everyone likes the multicolored and striping yarns. i don't mind them, but not with lots of patterning. most patterns disappear in the color changes. but anyway, i found my grey at the yarn store, and bought some yarn for the summer shawlette pattern. the idea of shoulder shaping so the shawl stays put fascinates me. i might even wear a shawl if it stays put. the idea of always having to readjust irritated me just thinking about it, so it'll be fun to try the faroese style. specially when it only uses 2 skeins of yarn. cheap experimenting.

i haven't fixed the silk cami yet either. it's too depressing. so chuck's sweater is seeing a lot of action and i might finish it before thanksgiving. the twisted stitches seem to take a bit more time, and i'm working the cables without a cable needle. they're a bit faster that way, but i need to watch my knitting a lot more. it looks good though! somehow i don't seem to be finishing anything lately so i'm trying to organize myself and focus on fewer items. with less math to mess up and have to fix later.

and a sad bit of news: Madeleine L'Engle died last thursday, along with the secret hope i always had that she would write some more awesome books. she wrote some of the best fantasy ever (kid fantasy harry potter can't even touch), soul-searching and fantastic. her book a live coal in the sea is the best handling of god's mercy i've ever read outside scripture. i loved her books. she's like christopher fry: the way words dance for them makes me wish i could write. they make me think about life and god and love and why am i doing what i am.

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