24 September 2007

how to avoid a testosterone party

thursday we hosted a testosterone wood splitting party. our home teacher, chuck's son chris, and son-in-law austin came over to help out.

alas, i had a church meeting for our fun groups, amongst which was the ill-fated knitting group. chuck's daughter kim went with me for that. we had a guest spinner too, which i was very excited and cautious about. i've kept a sort of deliberate distance from spinning, because i think it would be loads of fun, and consume even more of my fun time. if i could make yarn exactly how i wanted, the right thickness, color, ply. oh, the possibilities! and it would take even longer to make a sweater. *sigh*

i got to talk to more people about the knitting group, what their skill levels were and what they wanted to learn. it was loads of fun, and i felt like i got a better idea of how to get the group going. right now the relief society has a project going for a women's shelter. it started with quilts and collecting toys etc, but they realized we could knit or crochet squares too and make something out of that. squares are a good way to learn new techniques or try a stitch pattern cuz they're small and don't take lots of time or yarn. so i'm trying to get people going on that, and that way we can avoid the perils of boring garter stitch scarves.

and hey, it got me away from the testosterone. i came home to loads of split wood, nicely stacked.

until last night anyway.

me and chuck, in the living room, talking to pops and andy online (yay!!), hear a loud rumble. now, september does seem to be blow everything up month for the army, but they're usually not on the range sundays. chuck goes out side to check, and look:
somebody would have failed gail robbins' wood stacking course. i thought it was kind of funny. at least both stacks didn't fall down. yet.

and since we had an abundance of firewood, we started a fire saturday. not that i would call myself a pyro, but i do love a good fire. chuck always has me start them cuz i'm better at it than he is. i sort of thought everyone could start a good fire but i guess not.

once the fire was going we discovered why dwayne didn't use the fireplace much. first of all, the knucklehead put the draft inside the doors, so you have to open the doors to open the draft, and by then there's smoke in the house (ruins the whole point). the doors themselves are on a track of very thin sheet metal stuff that's too weak to keep the doors steady. which means they don't close very easily. and, oh yeah, they're not airtight either, so smoke kinda trickles out. and the baby draft on the bottom outside of the door frame is too small to have any effect. so it'll be good for fun fires, but not so much for warmth so i don't have a huge oil bill by march. bummer. but it was nice to have a fire.

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