22 September 2007

RIP summer

there's been some light frosts this past week, but this morning i learned what everyone meant by "hard" frost. the other frosts didn't have any noticeable effects. the wildflowers were still putting out new blooms like summer was still in session. a few scattered plants had withered leaves.

well, the hard frost changed that. the borage crumbled, the potato plants were flat, and almost all the plants had black green leaves. the mint and lupines didn't seem to mind though. my verbenas, that grew so well, were struck down. i had hoped to save them through the winter but i guess we'll have to start over with them in the spring. *sigh*

chuck was ecstatic because he's been dying to dig the potatoes up and see how big they grew. since we lost a month getting dirt in, we didn't know how anything would produce. next year we should have a good showing with everything, since they seemed to like the dirt and how we treated them. and the potatoes? they were good size. we had the whole size range, some pretty big ones, and ones you'd buy in the store, plus some teeny tiny ones a bit bigger than a marble. good for soups i guess. they look so funny. we got about 10 pounds all together. not bad for our first year.

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