14 September 2007

my mom and robert redford

i went to visit my mom, and was shocked? amazed? to discover she was dating robert redford. seriously. and he was always around her, so i couldn't ask her how on earth she met him. i can't even picture robert redford hanging out in my mom's neighborhood. he did have some weird ex-girlfriend chick he was dragging around with him too, that kept trying to get him into bed, but he calmly told her that wasn't her place anymore. that kind of impressed me. i still made a mental note to warn my mom about her though. she seemed to take the whole dating robert redford thing in stride, like it wasn't a huge deal.

we went to this puerto rican restaurant and ordered breakfast empaƱadas, which for some reason were served with american saltine crackers. while we were waiting for our order, the son of the owner started harassing us for being the only white people in there. everyone had looked at us strange when we came in, and he was asking us why we were there and what we wanted. all we could do was say that we liked the food, and it was a good place to hang out. that wasn't good enough, and he was pressing us for more, when i looked around and realized there were other white people in there. there was 4 of them at this big table, really white people in suits and stuff. one guy resembled george bush, and there was this chubby lady with short curly hair and a crown. they were a weird group and i was wondering why the owner's son didn't go ask them what they were doing here instead of bothering us. . . . . . . .

right about then, the phone rang and woke me up this morning. crazy huh. where do things like that come from? i bet my mom wouldn't mind if it were real though.

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