29 September 2007

knitting news

i don't know when i've ever felt such anticipation. my ravelry number is down to 3 digits!! man am i excited. i just hope they take the weekend off, with all the work they're doing for us crazy knitters. even though that would mean my number didn't change till monday.

clessidra has been getting lots of attention lately due to its status as Most Portable Project On The Needles. i'm almost to the heel. whoo-hoo! it's all easy sailing after the heel (it is normally anyway, but these are knee socks. the heel feels like a much bigger mile marker than normal). but then it occurred to me that i ought to cast on for thuja and take them to work, since they're for someone else and have more of a deadline attached. so either i'll wait till i actually finish the first clessidra......or i might be impatient and swatch for thuja this weekend.

hmmm......except i really need to finish a handtowel for chuck's mom. as long as i keep moving on things i feel like i have my project schizophrenia under control. as long as chuck and i watch a movie tonight i can work on the towel, but it's too boring to work on unless i'm distracted by something else. for the other set i'm definitely doing a different pattern. don't ask how i'll make it through the second moss grid towel though.

a few squares got done this week for the shelter blankets. today i finished one that's really a test of a pattern for sara's tie. it was promised to her, oh, at least a year ago. now it's one step closer, although with everything else i've got now i don't think i'll cast on for it any time soon. sorry sara :(

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Top Hat said...

Clessidra was my first sock with a heel flap. I had done 2 other pairs before with short row heel turns, so the heel flap really confused me at first! But it's such a great pattern! You get it memorized pretty quickly. Good luck with it!