11 September 2007

the art of stacking wood

i've been practicing! our wood stack is slowly building up. splitting wood is still fun, and my aim's getting better. a little. tonight we're going to cut some wood on eielson AFB with our home teacher. we won't use it this year, but it feels good to be storing it up.

the hoses and deck table came inside today. i had an ulterior motive for the table though, it's actually in-the-house-inside. that's where all the transplanted herbys are going. some of them are already inside, but once i get the rest in pots (tomorrow, after i buy a couple pots) they'll need lots more room. i got the nasty spider mites (there were a couple aphids hiding out, but really they were mites) off my roses too. yay!

me and chuck saw the movie stardust and were a little disappointed. since chuck read the book too, he noticed lots of changes they made. it was fun to not be the only one saying indignantly, that wasn't in the book! it was a good movie, but the changes they made really affected the mood of the book. some of the moral choices the characters consciously made were just chance in the movie, and the main characters slept together, and the conclusion wound up with a fight rather than the consequences of their choices wrapping up. seeing the underlying message hollywood sends by skewing things always interests me. in this case, the moral fairy tale tone ended up more physical and happenstance. too bad, and not as charming as the book.

there were some intriguing previews though, for the golden compass, which comes out in dec. can't wait, although i quake in fear as always to see how they bungle the story. and a takeoff from susan cooper's the dark is rising books, which they're calling the seeker. the film is updated from the books (they came out in the 70s), which is interesting in itself. hopefully they do a good job of it, cuz there's a few books in the series. that's the best thing about harry potter, i have to say. while harry potter is ok reading, with a fascinating world but a rather shallow storyline, its popularity has really opened the way for other children's fantasy. there's so many more young fantasy books, and more movies being made. i like it. since i never stopped reading kids fantasy i guess - it's really just like "adult" fantasy except the main characters are kids. at least the good kids fantasy is.

as far as knitting goes......i've been doing more math than knitting, and more other things to avoid doing math. i'll have to sit myself down one of these days and be firm with myself. one of these days.

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