11 October 2007

my ankles lost weight

yesterday i pulled out the broadripple sock to reacquaint myself with its problems. i swear the ankle was too tight. i swear, back in the spring, that there was something wrong with the fit in the ankle and heel. if it didn't have any problems why would i stop knitting? (problems and boredom are the only reasons i stop working on something) well, i tried it on and it fit perfectly. like it was tailored to me. like my math was fine, like my ankles weren't too fat. so the only conclusion i could come to was, either my ankles lost weight or my memory's wrong. ankles losing weight sounds way cooler.

so i'll be working on that sock this week while i mull over the clessidra gauge problem.

tonight, after hours with a needle, fjörgyn is absolutely, totally finished. yay!! i sewed a couple buttons on last night, and finished them off tonight. it looks good! once i get around to taking pics i'll post them. for thread i just used the yarn itself and wove it in really good, passed through the button twice. they seem sturdy enough, and that yarn practically felts on contact so i think they'll be ok. feels good to have everything done on it now, since it's all it's needed since springtime was buttons. now i can wear it and feel extra-cool cuz i made it myself! and give myself a pat on the back for finishing something!

at school today i got started on the broadripple again. knitting in school always brings an interesting amount of attention. surprisingly, no one says, man you must be a dork, you're knitting. a few kids either knit themselves or know someone that does, and say it's cool. a guy actually wanted to try knitting, but i didn't trust him. there was a girl who obviously wasn't sure what she thought of me knitting. they always ask what i'm knitting, and when i told her a sock, she asked "why would you knit socks?"

well, it was a duh moment for me. doesn't everyone know the benefits of knitted socks? i told her they were way more comfortable than store socks (a girl near her nodded enthusiastically, obviously she had personal experience with that), they're warm but not thick, sock knitting is fun, you can try out different patterns without making a huge sweater......about there i petered out. she still looked at me like i was nuts. *sigh* handmade socks rock! if only she knew.

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