02 October 2007

no candy today

yesterday (on ravelry) i learned that i don't keep very good track of when i start projects. at all. luckily, i've posted about some of them. and was pleasantly surprised to learn i finish projects fairly quickly. my brain moves so much faster than my hands that finished projects never seem to catch up with what i want to do. kind of like the books i want to read. not stopping to appreciate what i've made probably doesn't help. so a new goal: to stop for a few minutes and appreciate a project when i'm done with it before madly rushing on to the next.

tonight the ill-fated knitting group has a meeting. i'm sooo hopeful yet trying to be cynical, so if no one shows up i won't be disappointed. lots of people are learning, so we're making 6"x6" squares for practice and for the women's shelter blanket (i'm not dumb. i might be the only one making them otherwise. 2 birds with one stone man.). and the people who are learning cabling or lace or whatever, why they can make a square too to learn the technique. we have a thursday a.m. meeting planned too, so hopefully that one goes well too.

i've read about socktoberfest in loads of places, and this morning it hit me: duh. i'm working on a pair, have thuja barely started (i rolled the skein into a ball. that counts), and 2 pairs to rescue from the basket and finish. why not be part of the fest? so i'm putting a button up, and taking another not very bold tiptoe into the online knitting world. once you get to know me you'd never believe it, but i am shy. honest. so even though all these secret pals and swaps and knitalongs sound fun, it takes me a while to work up to joining.

my main goal for today is to not be a statistic. i will resist the lure of ravelry, my house will get cleaned, i will put my superdried out herbs away, my cluttered table will be cleared, the laundry will get folded and dinner will get made. and i might take a little, teeny tiny peek over in ravelry. just to see if the brownies changed anything on me while i slept. and maybe take a pic of my clessidra (and my languishing hedera and broadripple socks) to kick off the socktoberfest.


Lucy said...

Hey Heather!

Congrats on getting to Ravelry, I've been on for a while, but husband and mom just got in (and congrats on the blog and such...). Good luck on being a social knitter with your groups and all! I'll be watching now....

Tanya Sio said...

Sounds like tons of fun!! No wonder you don't have time to call me. :) j/k. You'll have to post pics of the things you've made.