03 October 2007

socktoberfest kick off

the afternoon light was good for taking pictures, so here's to the beginning of socktoberfest! first is the half-finished clessidra. it's behaving itself very nicely.
then we have the two socks destined for oblivion in the knitting basket, were it not for the extra motivation of socktoberfest

hedera on the left, and broadripple on the right. take the hederas first. see how much bigger the sock on the left is? gauge problems. got in my head i was sposed to knit loose. go figure. and the sock on the right? that's the one with half the heel rows it should have. otherwise it was beautiful. i like the lace pattern a lot. simple, but pretty. next we have the broadripple. the pattern is well named, i like the waves of color. its actually not behaving too badly, i think the summer just caught up to it too soon.

since the light was so good, and there i was with the camera, i took some other shots. here's the square with the pattern for sara's tie, and a log cabin square i started last night. with the one person that showed up for the ill-fated knitting group. ojojoj. tomorrow morning is the other meeting. we can always hope i suppose. the one person learned to cable. that was fun. cables are cool cuz they look so fancy and complicated, but they're actually easy. watching someone else catch the excitement of cabling was fun.

and last of all is the headless scarecrow almost finished fjörgyn. just waiting for the buttons. maybe this weekend will be dedicated to finishing.


Lucy said...

Those all look great. I've always found the first weekend in October great for finishing up crafts, or tackling long stretches of stockinette...

Tanya Sio said...

Nice!! Maybe one day I'll be able to knit as nice as you do. :) I'm glad I got to chat with you last night.

Psychomom said...

Wow you are good!
I just wanted to let you know your socks inspired me to start a new pair last night. This will be my third pair and will be a Christmas gift for some lucky feet.