01 November 2007

heebie jeebies

i've got this internal timeline for some things. summer ends, the air turns crisp. leaves turn to red and gold, then drift down to make piles for jumping in. the first snow comes, melts, then more snow. and right after that - christmas. that's just the way it goes. summer, leaves, snow, christmas.

living in alaska (and sweden) hasn't changed my internal clock any. so since we've blasted through summer and the falling leaves and the first few snowfalls, what i want to know is, when's christmas?

my internal clock says it's just weeks away. i'm all heebie jeebies thinking about presents for people and decorations (chuck put our outside lights up this week - it'll be way too cold and dangerous by christmas time to put them up).


the good thing is, i guess i'll get my shopping done early!

1 comment:

Top Hat said...

And don't forget your Christmas knitting! You'll get that done early (and be grateful for it, too!)