23 November 2007

a lazy day

no black friday for us. i have nightmare memories of my mother waking up at ungodly hours to crowd through filene's for an extra 5% off. somehow it never seemed worth it.

we spent the day chillin with chuck's parents after waking up very late (we were up till 2.30 with chuck's mom). we're not adapting to the time change very well at all.

Xela's first sock is almost done, but i'm not sure i'l have enough yarn now. i made the leg a bit longer than specified, cuz i found that my pair were just a hair too short. even though they're not falling down, i feel like i should be pulling them up all the time. hopefully they're not too long for xela!

i worked on the FFF again, and got through the yoke (shoulder increases) and started the feather and fan pattern. it's looking pretty good, but i'm not sure about the size of the neck. i never made one of these before, so i'm a bit uncertain, but it almost looks kid-sized. since it's neck down i can try it on, but i want a bit more length to make sure.

chuck's parents are so funny when i switch projects. they've seen all 3 of them now, but when i switch their eyes get all big and they look at me in utter amazement, like they can't believe i'm doing another project. or like i did a magic trick and they're not sure i really was knitting on something different a minute ago.

we went to branson MO looking for some christmas light display. branson is like a mini-vegas, that i never heard of before. it's got a little strip and lots of shows. and traffic. first we couldn't find the display, and then once we found signs for it we missed the turns, so all we ended up doing was driving up and down the strip a couple times. i got to cuddle with chuck the whole time, so i didn't mind it a bit.

my favorite thing from the strip was a restaurant called the plantation. seriously. and i couldn't help but wonder - do they only have black waiters? cuz the word plantation just calls up images of mammy in the kitchen and the overseer whipping slaves out in the field.

we did talk a bit about racism in the car, cuz chuck's dad, well. he says he's not prejudiced, and then says he only ever knew 2 good blacks and tells us their names. i've always figured if you have to go around telling people you're not prejudiced, you've gotta be. every once in a while chuck's dad makes a derogatory comment and it shocks me. haven't we figured out yet that we're all just people? we'll talk to him about how every group has good and bad mixed in it, whether you're looking at race, sex, ethnicity, country of origin, economics or what have you. and he agrees. and then says they're all bad. *sigh* what can you do?

and a tip on Southern cooking: when they say fried eggs, they mean it. in at least half a cup of oil. somehow my tablespoon of butter doesn’t seem as bad now.

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