22 November 2007

you can get anything you want at alice's restaurant

i hope everyone took a second to listen to alice’s restaurant today. that's my favoritest thanksgiving tradition. and remember, if you’re ever in a difficult situation, just walk into the shrink (wherever you are) and sing a bar of alice’s restaurant and walk out - it might not help any but you’ll laugh :D

oh, and look what i found while getting links (but be warned: it's 18 minutes long!) bummer embedding was disabled.

meeting all the in laws today went pretty good. chuck's the oldest, then comes linda. she was there with her husband gary.
lindngaryall bad pictures are chuck's fault cuz he doesn't check to make sure they come out ok. sorry linda!johnhis brother john had long hair to everyone's (but mine, cuz hey, i never met the dude before) surprise. since he retired from the air force and has a outdoor guide-type job he figured he might as well.dean carving turkeywe ate our feast at his sister debbie's (no picture of her by herself-oops!). she lives on the same property as his parents. her husband dean cut the turkey, and we had all the traditional things. nothing scary and southern that i never heard of. although we did have fake stuffing :( and i missed our traditional apple pie with cheddar cheese too.

and here's all the kids together with their parents (debbie's in blue to the left). chucks famone of linda's daughters came by with her kids, and john's son was there so we got a pic of the great- and grand-kids too.hardy great grandkidsthere was much telling of family stories, and i was being social so i only knit a little bit (still clocked in 3 hours), mostly on chuck's sweater. when my family gets together we always talk about stuff that happened, so it was cool to hear another family's stories and feel more connected to them. chuck's started working on his genealogy again, so he was asking questions about older family too. his family has some seriously crazy history, some of it tragedy. we showed pictures of chuck's kids and stuff we've done. so overall it was a good day, and everyone was nice to me (that's most important first time meeting the whole family).

after everyone left and we were winding down for the night i made up a chart for the FFF and worked on it a bit. i'm using dale baby ull, and it's such nice springy stuff. makes me want to use it again. for the provisional cast on, i thought i'd be a genius and use the working yarn, pull it out and cruise on. so i finger chained the crochet and picked up the stitches. except when i went to pull out the crochet, it wouldn't unzip since the first stitch was using the yarn. yeah. so i undid the knot and pulled it out backward. still worked pretty good i guess, just not as fast and clean as unzipping. oh well. now i know that.

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Tanya Sio said...

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving!! :)