08 November 2007

some things you just can't predict

like when your interweave knits will show up in the mailbox. last issue came in about a month after it hit the stands (no, i wasn't a new subscriber or anything) and the winter issue is here. today. a whole week before it's out on the stands. did i do something good today? this month? craziness.

and some sock yarn i ordered came in. some things can make it to alaska in less than a month! since i ordered it monday (i think) that was way faster than i anticipated. i'll have to work faster on those thujas now so i can start a new pair finish my clessidras. and hedera. gulp.

another thing you can't predict (and wouldn't that have been a good title for reviewing how many don't come to knit group) is how intertwined tamora pierce's series are. luckily, bonnie at knit group started talking books with me. when i told her i was about to read trickster's choice and realized it was after the lioness rampant books, she was kind enough to let me know the immortal books fall in between the two. man, i'da been irritated to find that out late. some books are independent enough it doesn't matter what order you read them in, but i like to follow a character's development. and those series don't let you know that they have anything to do with one another.

i now have to the hilt by dick francis in my stack too, recommended by the crochet lady. although i mostly read fantasy and sci-fi, i'll read anything good, and she says he writes good mysteries. so we'll see.

also hard to predict? if i'll get any dishes done with a new IK, new yarn, and pierce books tempting me.

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