21 November 2007


at the start of our last flight, from chicago to little rock, the pilot tells us the weather in little rock. mid 40s and cloudy i think he said. we stepped out of the airport into a humid summer day. it was like 70. whew. that's a 50 or so degree difference for us. we were glad we didn't bring our coats.

our drive up to harrison went pretty fast, and when we were about 15 minutes from his parents' house, chuck calls them. he's talking to his mom, and she starts (naturally) asking about thanksgiving. and me, i could have deflected her easy, but chuck has no idea what to say. he tells her what his kids are doing, and that we'll crash someone else's dinner so we don't have to cook. hehe. but then he tries to get her off track by talking about our trip to MA for christmas. and she wants to know, why aren't we visiting them? ummmm............wait a few minutes and we will. chuck got his way out of it somehow (i thought he was going to wait until we were closer to call in the first place, but....what can you do). he's talking to his dad when we pull up, and he tells him to come let us in cuz he's tired of talking to him on the phone. and here we hit a totally unexpected snag: his dad doesn't think we're really there, so why should he go to the door. he does though, and "just about jumps out of his britches" as chuck says.

it was a good surprise. at first they seemed kind of blasé about it, but they were still in shock i guess, cuz after about an hour they realized they hadn't hugged us. they were all excited though, because chuck's brother that lives in missouri was coming down too, and it was the first time all their kids had been together for thanksgiving in like 20 years. so that was pretty cool.

despite having overnight flights, i did get a fair amount of knitting done between yesterday and tonight. Xela's socks are just zooming along. check em outxeals broadripple 1 halfwaygotta love that larger gauge. i've got chuck's sweater and FFF along too, they got some attention but the progress isn't as noticable as socks. maybe i'll take some shots at the end of the week.

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