07 November 2007

a pat on the back

a while back (so back that i can't find so i don't expect anyone to remember it) i wrote about my project schizophrenia, my habit of having *cough* a few projects in progress at the same time. dashing from project to project i never don't always take time to appreciate what i've done. so i've been trying to take at least 5 seconds to consciously notice finishing a project, or hitting a turning point.

and then i found limenviolet through ravelry. they have all kinds of cool knitting info and links and fun articles. and they have (drumroll please) knitwars. based on chorewars, a site where you get points for doing housework, there's "knitting adventures" that you gather points for doing. it's a little silly i guess, but doing it really helps me to notice my progress and appreciate it. so instead of feeling like i'm drowning under the weight of my current projects (not to mention wishlist projects), i feel like i'm doing good. and it's fun.

a different kind of progress was made yesterday: our knit group met with 4 people showing up! besides me! craziness!! one chick, dahlia, was just learning, and got the knit and purl stitch down easy. another lady, bonnie, started a pair of socks, knitting on dpns (and in the round) for the first time. sue got the hang of ribbing again, and learned to knit and purl continental style. she'll be making her first pair of socks. the last lady was crocheting granny squares, and learned to make a miter-looking square. loads of fun, even though i didn't get much knitting done myself.

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Lucy said...

Chorewars sounded like fun when I heard of it, but never did it... seems to be working for you though, as it seems like you've been finishing a lot of things lately!