06 November 2007

it's called progress folks

the mossgrid towels are off the needles, washed and dried! not blocked properly, because i don't have to have to, and that's what my motherinlaw will do to them. 'member how the edges were turning under? they still are :( darn. my faith in seed stitch is ruined. this is the best picture i could get of them - tomorrow i'll try outside.mossgrid fsh but that one towel set done. and the second woven stitch towel is started! with jobs for the next week and a half, i'm expecting the thujas to be finished soon. the other socktoberfest hopefuls, hedera and clessidra, will be getting some attention once i get the thujas and their deadline out of my system. and once i get the courage up to rip back the hederas. ouch.

somehow on sunday, while watching the highlights from the patriots-colts game (cuz chuck was being good and not watching tv on sunday and we forgot about the game till it was over :( bummer!), i almost almost finished the front of chuck's sweater! oh the agony of being almost (but not) done, watching the clock get closer to too late, and being only a couple rows short of done when you discover you messed up. *sigh* somewhere the decreases jumped out of order while i was watching interceptions and randy moss catches (and gloating over a payton manning defeat). so i yanked them into order tonight and here's the front
irish moss front that is the closest i've gotten to the actual yarn color so far. now for the back! i'm still hoping to finish this by christmas................

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Tanya Sio said...

Those look cool. I wish I could knit all kinds of stuff too. :)