14 November 2007

so i can't count

it was more like 16-20 rows left on that woven stitch towel, but i still finished it monday night. yay! yesterday i washed and dried both towels. no bleeding that i could see - the water was a little pink when i peeked once, but no color at the end of the cycle. the yarn loses a lot of stiffness, it's still cottony-stiff but not as harsh. both sets of towels i washed with other bath towels to test the colorfastness, and while the color stayed put, all kinds of blue and red fuzzies got over the other towels.
woven stitch setmossgrid set
don't they look good (in all their fuzzy picture glory)? mostly they just look like towels, which is good enough for me. the woven stitch is a bit square, but since i didn't do any math, i can't complain. funny the difference 1 inch in width makes. *shrug* oh, and the edges on the red towel? no more curling. whoo-hoo!!! (you can see the stockinette trying to pop out between the mossgrid squares even in the pictures).

the thuja is at the heel turn now. the math teacher job i have the rest of this week is looking like worksheet babysitting stuff, which equals knitting time. i'm figuring it'll be done by the end of the week.

and then. . . . all the projects that were demanding attention took a chill pill so i'm trying to pick my next project solely by how much i want to knit it. that feather and fan faroese shawl i think will still be up next, but it should be a (relatively) fast project. if for nothing else, because i've only got 2 skeins to use on it ;) i'm feeling kinds cramped since i narrowed my focus to get the last projects done. i might need to cast on 3 projects at once! and definitely pick something not in any shade of red. bright red is not my friend at any time, but maroon i can get friendly with. chuck's sweater and those towels are in the red family, as are the hederas i should be finishing up. so something not red.

chuck's at a church meeting tonight, which makes for good swatching. . . .



Top Hat said...

Interestingly enough, I dreamt last night that I knitted a towel, but it was about 20 rows too short... I blame you for that dream :)

Amy said...

good swatching time...I meant to do that today, but today turned into inertiaville :)

I didn't get to do so before, but thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I appreciate it. Down with the E.D. ads!